5lb Plumb Bob 300

5lb plumb bob


Our precision machined brass plumb bobs are made in the USA to our specifications. Specifically designed for unique applications like elevator shafts, steel erection and tower leveling our plumb bobs are “straight up” the best!

Heavy weight (approx 5lbs) sways less than light weight plumb bobs over longer distances.

Our unique adjustable point allows the user to set the desired distance between the point and surface without readjusting the drop line. Adjustable point is double sided for maximum value and hardened for maximum service life. Standard removable cap allows connection to your drop line and safely stores the point when not in use.

Don’t forget the drop line! We offer high tensile strength steel wire and reels to hold your plumb bob. Wire is preferred over string for minimum stretch. Roll it up neatly on one of our reels for easy dispensing next time.

    5lb Plumb Bob

    Steel wire

    Wire reel

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5lb Plumb Bob, Steel wire, Wire reel