Creating long lasting UV and weather resistant marks is possible with our Nu-Mark Marker. Professionals choose NuMark for our Industrial quality and overall value.



XF5000 Introductory offer animation

Interest in a Xylene free marker has been increasing dramatically over the last few years. To keep up with market trends, and our customers requests for a Xylene free option, we  developed our “Nu” XF5000 Xylene-Free marker!.
Making our “Nu” XF5000 marker perform as well as our Xylene based PM2000 marker was a challenge. Our engineer says: “The performance of this “Nu” ink is so close to our PM2000 ink that our existing PM2000 users will have a difficult time finding a difference.”
To our loyal Nu-Mark permanent marker customers: The “Nu” Xylene Free marker is NOT replacing our popular PM2000 (& MM3000). This will be offered as a option for those who prefer Xylene free.

Our original Nu-Mark Permanent Marker is what we are best known for. Unlike typical “consumer” grade markers this marker is truly “Industrial” quality made for Professional use. If you are using typical consumer grade markers, commonly found in office supply stores, then you are wasting time, money and material. Our marker out-writes those cheap disposable markers 5 to 1!*

Our Mark-Off Marker leaves dark durable marks on most surfaces and “washes” off of non-porous surfaces with soap and water.

Our Nu-Display is coming to a retailer near you.

Our new Paint Markers will begin shipping end of June!
*Our tests show that given the same writting line width our PM2000 writes more than five times the distance of the most popular disposable markers. Replacing those cheap markers with a NuMark PM2000 will reduce plastic waste by nearly 35%!