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BOL Wood uses NuMark Marker on fresh cut logs

BOL Wood Service has been using NuMark Markers for over 12 years.. One marker can scale up to 20 to 25 th feet of wood. Neither rain nor snow can stop these. The marker stays on the logs until they are processed. It would take 5 cans of spray paint or more to do the job that 1 of the markers can do.


Riki Boucher
BOL Wood Service, Inc.
Mapleton ME


I was the shipping and receiving manager and I used the marker to write on boxes that were to be shipped out. I’ve had this marker for 35+ years and it still works like new. I don’t use it as much as I did when working but I know that when I need to write on something I can always count on this favorite marker of mine. I want to thank you for making a marker that is second to none. There are no/zero markers past or present that even comes close to the quality and dependability of the Nu-Mark.

Thank You for all you do , Garry Crawford


Name: Donald Frisby

Company Name: Babcok & Wilcox (Retired)

What your company does: Fabricate nuclear components for the Navy.

I carried and used the metal case nu-marker ever day at my work place for at lest 10 years if not more. I retired 1998 and and still using your marker today 2018. How long will they last????

How long you have been using our Markers: 30 years ???

From the NuMark crew: Thank you for sharing your story!

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