10 Year Shelf-Life Guarantee

To show our confidence in our quality we are announcing our new 10 Year shelf-life guarantee* !!

We are so proud of the history of quality of our Nu-Mark PM2000 Permanent Marker that we decided to put it in writing!

Frustration with cheap “office supply” markers is what drives some customers to find us. How many dried up unused markers do you need to throw away before you change brands? Finding out that your marker has dried up when you are in the field is frustrating. Not much of an issue when you work in an office and have a box of markers in your desk drawer. When you are on the job site and find out your marker dried out it costs you time and money.

How can you avoid unexpected marker failure? With our Nu-Mark PM2000, Just shake it and you will know!
There is a LOT of ink in our markers and you can hear it.

Since 1968 our Patented Valve control has been protecting ink in our markers. As this diagram shows, a typical “capillary” type markers entire ink supply is vulnerable to loss, unlike the ink supply in our Nu-Mark Marker.

The combination of our unique valve design, quality materials, durable synthetic tip and proprietary ink formula provides a tremendous value to our customers. We want our customers to buy more NuMark Markers because they appreciate the value, not because it dried up in storage, but don’t tell our CFO!

*Within 10 Years from date of purchase we will replace any un-activated Nu-Mark PM2000 & MM3000 series permanent markers that have dried out in storage when properly stored. Proof of purchase is required. Marker(s) in question must be return to us for inspection. The cost of return packaging and postage is the responsibility of the customer and is NOT covered by this guarantee. Upon inspection, any un-activated marker(s) determined to have dried out not due to improper storage or use, will be replaced free of charge including postage.